Lace Front Wigs


Lace front wigs are made using lace as the base. By using lace the wig will appear natural at the front hairline. It will move naturally against the head while allowing the hair to flow as natural hair. These wigs may be made with either human hair or synthetic hair. Lace wigs allow the hair to be styled from the facial hairline to the back for a natural look.

Natural Movement

Using a wig used to be frowned upon by many women as wigs looked and felt like wigs. There was no natural flow to the hair and many times the wig was uncomfortable to wear. Lace front wigs do not have these issues. Lace is a softer material which will become more resilient with time and use. This allows the base of the wig to form fit to the head of the user. It also allows the wig to follow the movements for a natural hair fall.

Human Or Synthetic Hair

Lace front wigs may be made with either human or synthetic hair. Each hair strand is tied into the wig by hand. This allows for full hair coverage. The quality attachment of hair, either human or synthetic, gives a look of a natural head of hair without the look of wearing a wig.


The largest advantage of lace front wigs is the natural hairline at the front of the wig. This wig can be styled from the forehead all through the hair and has no separation line between real hair and wig.

When deciding to wear a wig the more natural it looks is the deciding factor. No one wants to look like they are wearing a wig. Styling should look natural without an artificial hair line. The wig should be comfortable and the fall of the hair should be natural.