Beautiful Brazilian Hair

Everyone knows that Brazilian women are like goddesses. Not only are they famous for sexy, beautiful models, they are known for lush and wavy hair! Every woman wants to feel desirable and let's face it we all love to make our hair stand out. Brazilian hair has really started to become quite popular in the United States.

~Brazilian Hair Styles~

The most common of Brazilian hairstyles we have heard of in the U.S. is straightening. Now, a lot of people consider this a controversial topic due to the fact that most, if not all brazilian hair straightening procedures contains toxic chemicals. 

Aside from hair straightening, there are other popular hairstyles that you can find in most Brazilian beauty shops and now, in a lot of U.S. shops. One style that seems to be taking the nation by storm is ombre' highlights. Think of famous model Gisele Bundchen. Her full, wavy, lush hair is a perfect example. Brazil women are generally into long, bouncy wavy hair and usually known for their very dark hair as well. With this style though, it is quite common to see even the darkest of hair flaunting these gorgeous highlights.

These hairstyles are quite expensive and it is a known fact that Brazilian women spend 10 percent of their salaries on hair care alone! These hair care remedies include root touch-ups, straightening, and hydrating their luscious locks. They even use an actual lit candle to burn off the split ends.

~Famous Examples~

Two famous examples of Brazilian hairstyles are those of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.